Ingersoll GANTRY 1000 / 64 bit

The used Die sinking EDM machine GANTRY 1000 / 64 bit of Ingersoll (OPS Ingersoll) has been professionally overhauled by MS Schöllchen and is in good condition. Price on request. Buy used now!
Ingersoll (OPS Ingersoll)
Die sinking EDM machine
GANTRY 1000 / 64 bit
Year Of Construction
November 2000
Mitsubishi - 64 Bit CNC
Generator Power
70 Ampere - multipulse
Axis travel (X, Y, Z)
700 x 1350 x 500 mm
30-times pick-up carouselchanger
Worktank (W x D x H)
1000 x 1600 x 550 mm
Worktable (W x D)
900 x 1500 mm
Load capacity
3.000 kg
CO2-Fire extinguisher system
integr. Filterset cartridge
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Further information about the used Die sinking EDM machine GANTRY 1000 / 64 bit

The portal die-sinking machine GANTRY 1000 with a large work table and the program-controlled lifting container offers medium to large tool and mold making maximum operating comfort. The simultaneous clamping of different workpieces, which can be processed according to need and urgency, increases the flexibility of the die-sinking machine. The AC servo drive that drives all axes of the EDM machine and the 64-bit control form a basis for fast and accurate EDM.

The purchase of a used, overhauled EDM machine is therefore always a cost-effective alternative, without any loss of quality in EDM. We have decades of experience in the field of EDM and are the right contact if you want to buy a used die-sinking EDM machine.

If nessarry, the following overhaul work is carried out on the machine:

  • exchange the ball screws and ball bearings of the X, Y and Z axes.
  • overhaul of the C-axis including exchange of all bearings and seals.    
  • Geometric check of all axes according to OPS INGERSOLL protocol.
  • exchange or overhaul of the complete tank drive (ball screws, bearings, chain, chain tensioner, chain guides, seals and wipers).
  • cleaning and, if necessary, painting of the entire working tank.
  • exchange of all fans, power supplies and overhaul of the servo amplifiers, if necessary exchange of units etc. 
  • after overhaul, the machine is completely laser measuerd.
  • Erosion test or acceptance according to OPS Ingersoll protocol.   
  • if necessary, complete or partial painting of the machine, complete or partial painting of the machine.                                  
  • overhaul, if necessary, exchange of the dielectric pumps. 
  • exchange of the hydraulic or dielectric lines.
  • check and replace the pneumatic lines and valves if necessary.



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