Our service

for you

Repairing a machine is a worthwhile investment. That is why we also provide comprehensive service.


Telephone customer support from us means quick analysis of the issue, which can often be resolved by our customer and the assistance of our service technicians.

If a service visit is necessary, our technicians get to you very quickly. We can therefore save our customers the costs of long and expensive downtimes.


Regular maintenance is essential to ensure processes and production workflows run smoothly – and to permanently minimize downtimes. We can recognize when maintenance is necessary early on.

Annual maintenance and inspection of your machine will save you costly repairs.

Spare parts

In serious cases, it all comes down to getting the right spare part quickly, as loss of production time costs you money. Our extensive stock of mechanical and electrical spare parts means we can help you quickly. Expert advice in advance helps you get your machine back in operation quickly.


We offer custom training for your employees in our plant or at your company for machines with older PLT controls and machines with Mitsubishi controls. We customize training, times and requirements to the participants.

We are happy to help with technical queries about applications. Advice over the phone is often all you need.


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