Ingersoll Gantry 1200 - HSJ / 64 bit

The used Die sinking EDM machine Gantry 1200 - HSJ / 64 bit of Ingersoll (OPS Ingersoll) is currently not available. We will gladly obtain this machine for you in the near future. Get in contact
This machine is currently unavailable.
Ingersoll (OPS Ingersoll)
Die sinking EDM machine
Gantry 1200 - HSJ / 64 bit
Year Of Construction
Mitsubishi - 64 Bit CNC
Generator Power
70 Ampere - multipulse
Axis travel (X, Y, Z)
1000 x 1500 x 650 mm
30-fold pick-up plate changer
Worktank (W x D x H)
1770 x 1270 x 680 mm
Worktable (W x D)
1640 x 1140 mm
Load capacity
7.500 kg
CO2 fire extinguishing system,
cartridge filter system,
HSJ technology (High Speed Jump),
on request
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Further information about the used Die sinking EDM machine Gantry 1200 - HSJ / 64 bit

The GANTRY series is the epitome of flexible and economical edm solutions in tool and mould making. the good accessibility of the machine ensures fast and safe loading and set-up of the workpieces as well as monitoring of the machining process.T he work tank is completely lowered into the machine bed during filling. The maximum liquid filling height is designed to be large enough to ensure sufficient coverage even with tall workpieces. Hhe HSJ function High speed jump accelerates the z-axis to 10 mmin at 1.2 g during the lifting process of the electrode. The idle time between the individual eroding steps is shortened and at the same time optimum flushing is ensured, especially for deep slotting operations. This reduces the machining time by up to 50 percent.


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