Ingersoll OPS INGERSOLL GANTRY 800 HSJ / 64 bit

The used Die sinking EDM machine OPS INGERSOLL GANTRY 800 HSJ / 64 bit of Ingersoll (OPS Ingersoll) has been professionally overhauled by MS Schöllchen and is in good condition. Price on request. Buy used now!
Ingersoll (OPS Ingersoll)
Die sinking EDM machine
Year Of Construction
Mitsubishi - 64 Bit CNC
Generator Power
70 Ampere - multipulse
Axis travel (X, Y, Z)
550 x 850 x 450 mm
20-times pick-up carouselchanger
Worktank (W x D x H)
800 x 1100 x 480 mm (Hubbehälter)
Worktable (W x D)
760 x 1000 mm
Load capacity
2.000 kg
CO2-Fire extinguisher system,
integr. Filterset cartridge
Programming software MultiProg
on request
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Further information about the used Die sinking EDM machine OPS INGERSOLL GANTRY 800 HSJ / 64 bit

The Gantry 800 die-sinking EDM machine from OPS Ingersoll is a universal EDM solution for medium and large workpieces. The EDM machine is well equipped for larger EDM tasks, as it comes with enormous travels (X/Y/Z 550x850x450 mm) and a large work bowl (W/D/H 800/1100/480 mm) for its class. The four-axis machining centre features the tried-and-tested multipulse generator technology and a sophisticated CNC EDM control system, which allows even larger workpieces to be eroded with high precision. The GANTRY 800 EDM is equipped with HSJ (High Speed Jumping) technology, which can reduce EDM machining time by up to 50%.

The Gantry 800 comes with an electrode changer that can hold up to 30 electrodes. Special recirculating ball screws, an optimised lubrication and cooling system and a linear measuring system in the Z-axis of the die-sinking EDM machine ensure maximum precision and durability.

The purchase of a used, reconditioned EDM machine is thus always a cost-effective alternative, without any loss of EDM quality. We have decades of experience in the field of EDM and are the right contact if you want to buy a used die-sinking EDM machine.


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