Ingersoll GANTRY 800 HSJ / 64 bit

The used Die sinking EDM machine GANTRY 800 HSJ / 64 bit of Ingersoll (OPS Ingersoll) has been professionally overhauled by MS Schöllchen and is in good condition. Price on request. Buy used now!
Ingersoll (OPS Ingersoll)
Die sinking EDM machine
GANTRY 800 HSJ / 64 bit
Year Of Construction
Mitsubishi - 64 bit CNC
Generator Power
70 Ampere, multipulse
Axis travel (X, Y, Z)
550 x 850 x 450 mm
20-times carouselchanger
Worktank (W x D x H)
800 x 1100 x 480 mm
Worktable (W x D)
760 x 1000 mm
Load capacity
2000 kg
CO2-Fire extinguisher system
Integr. Filterset Cartridge
Programmingplace software MultiProg
multipulsePRO (Hard- und Software)
Dieletric cooler
on request
HSJ-Technology (High Speed Jump)
max. 12.000 mm/min.
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Further information about the used Die sinking EDM machine GANTRY 800 HSJ / 64 bit

The work area is accessible to the operator from three sides and above. The travelling portal with integrated safety screen and automatic rise and fall tank provide excellent loading and set up for the workpiece. High stiffness and exactness in every EDM position with nearly 50%more capacity than traditional C-frame machine are the characteristics of the GANTRY design. The 20 position electrode changer, which a standard feature of the GANTRY 800, allows electrodes to be changed during the EDM cycle. Due to its extraordinary concept the flexible handling of diffrent types of electrodes is possible. Precision, stability and reliabiltiy are characteristics of the C-Axis. The electrode clamping mechanism will accept different manufacturers systems. Large electrodes can be fastened directly to the spindle. The high-performance servo-system accelerates the Z-axis with 1,2 G to an interval-speed of more than 10min/min.


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